"It is disturbingly common for people to make romantic love the center of their existence. Through media’s influence and the human desire to belong, romantic love has become viewed as not only a great want, but even an entitlement of existing. We believe we deserve “The One.” We believe the universe owes us someone to love and to be loved by. And when people have this state of mind, that they need someone romantically to feel whole, they end up feeling utterly hopeless when they are unable to find someone, or when their significant other leaves them. This is why the logic that we need someone else to complete us is futile, because it suggests we are incomplete on our own. And we need to learn that we do not need romantic love to feel valuable and worthy of love. Only Jesus can perfectly fill the spaces in our hearts, not a boy with pretty brown eyes or a girl with wild red hair. Human love is beautiful, but not completing. It can be strengthening and comforting, and can bring us closer to Christ, but it can not bring us lasting satisfaction by itself. God’s love is overflowing and revitalizing. No human love will ever compare to that of Christ’s. Stop consciously and subconsciously valuing romantic love more than His love."

m.k., truth: you don’t need no man but Jesus (via praises)